Typing Pal Online
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students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th received this information.
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Dance Mat Typing

Power Typing

Nimble Fingers

Free Typing Lessons Lessons, games, tests, good stuff

Keyboarding Practice for Kids
Online Bubbles Game Type the letters as they float upward.
[[|Typer Shark]] Free online version
FunSchool's Type Me

[[|Alphabetic Rain]]
Word Trees

Fowl Words Play the Timed Game for free
Fowl Words 2
ABCya! Keyboard Challenge put keyboard keys in their correct place
Keyboard Tutor start hunting letters, then words, and finally sentences!
[[|Type Me]] from FunSchool
Treasure Type similar to Typer Shark
[[|Super Hyper Spider Typer]] Save the spider by typing words
Cup Stacking Stack & unstack the cups by typing the letters on them Open source practice - shows speed & accuracy
FingerJig 6 minute practice site gives all sorts of data
Typing Invaders - free typing game download
10 Finger Breakout - free typing game download
NEW! Online Typing Games - register username to keep track of scores

Free Keyboarding Downloads
Kiran's Typing Tutor
TypeFaster Typing Tutor

Fun Sites to Help Keyboarding
Fearless Frieda
Type the words you hear
Fearless Frieda 2 The Big Kahuna More typing of the words you hear

Phonics and Word Study Center Great 'keyboarding games': Fish Tanks 1 & 2, Space Station, Field Trip, Sly Pig
[[|Instant Poetry Forms]]
Word Wonders
Mad Libs on the Web Type in your words and create a story
Create Your Own Adventure PBS
Wacky Web Tales
Mr. Nussbaum's Paralaughs

'Mousing' Practice Sites
Learn to Mouse
Scribble More mousing practice
Save the Egg More mousing practice - save the Penguin egg from Nat. Geographic