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Facebook for YOU and Social Networking for KIDS...

A small group joined Mrs. Harris for a discussion and presentation about Facebook and Social Networking for Kids.

Posts, status updates, comments, instant messages, video uploads, tweets, and texts have become a regular part of our kids' lives. In today's 24/7 digital world, kids are logging on from everywhere, including smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, and laptops, and many parents simply don't know what their kids are up to, much less much about the social media they're using.

There are many positives to social media. It's a fun way for kids to interact with friends. It can also be a great way to learn new things, collaborate with others, express creativity, and safely experiment with identity.

During our discussion this morning, all of the above were mentioned and we took some time to go through the privacy settings on Facebook. Several parents are recognizing that their children are showing an interest in the site and they need to pay closer attention to their OWN privacy so that they are able to model appropriate online practices as they reach the middle school age.

We also discussed “age-appropriate” sites that are fun and safe for elementary aged children. As always, its imperative that parents do their own research and do what their kids are doing online to know if it’s truly safe and meets the values of your own family.