Learning to read with books, jokes, puzzles, games and more!
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PBS Kids
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Seussville University

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Roy the Zebra
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Spelling City

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Dolch Word Practice


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Storyline Online
Educational LA Stuff for Kids
Reading Practice
StarFall FREE K-2 interactive books & word games
Roy the Zebra 1st Graders will love this one
external image sm.GIF LookyBook Lots of picture books; no audio
BookPALS[[http://www.storylineonline.net/| Storyline Online]] Listen to members of Screen Actor Guild read books
NEW! Name That Book From Reading Rainbow. Match the book to the clue.
NEW! Book Adventure Free - similar to Accelerated Reader

Play with Words
Viewing www pages thru this site will allow you to check dictionary & thesaurus info of words
Visual Dictionary Online From Merriam Webster
external image sm.GIF Magnetic Poetry Tiles Move the tiles - or make your own tiles!!
external image sm.GIF Fridge Magnet Poetry, Poems, Magnets Idea: sort by nouns, verbs, etc.
Bembo's Zoo Watch how the letters of the alphabet re-form into animals. How do they do that??
[[http://www.joelheffner.com/scribble.html|Scribble]] Goal: create as many words as you can in 5 minutes using the 10 scribble letters.
external image sm.GIF Building Language for Literacy Scholastic - PreK-K interactive
external image sm.GIF Make a Word Interactive - Make as many words as you can from the given word
external image sm.GIF Word Magnets Use phonics & sight words to create sentences
Zoom Playhouse 40+ complete play scripts - short and sweet!

external image sm.GIF Learning Vocabulary Fun My 5th graders LUV Hang Mouse!
external image sm.GIF Quiz Tree Practice words by calling out a word and have students click on it K-3
external image sm.GIF NEW! Road Hog Spelling 3 letter words
NEW! Word Ahead HS vocab videos - good for SAT prep

LA Games
[[http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/english/|ReviseWise English]] From the BBC - interactive site with Reading, Writing, Spelling & Grammar & games
external image sm.GIF Mr. Nussbaum LA Games
external image sm.GIF GameGoo Interactive
Mortifying Monday Gr 4-8 Choose your own adventure story From PBS Kids
NEW! Character Scrapbook Interactive reader's response

Left-Brained Poetry Prompts and Right-Brained Poetry Prompts
Writing Fun Using text organizers

Read Write Think Interactive tools for reading & writing
Make Beliefs Comix Create your own comics!
bookr Create and share your own photobook using Flickr images
NEW! Magic Pen Story Starters

SpellBee FREE teacher registration. Choose a partner & play a word game. Grades 2-6
external image sm.GIF [[http://www.spinandspell.com/|Spin and Spell]] Choose a picture and spell the word. Grades 1-3
Spelling Time Grades 1-5
Spelling Wizard Type in 10 words, then make a word search or word scramble
Spelling City Free register, upload spelling lists, send kids to practice
NEW! READ the lyrics as you SING along to some great oldies!
[[http://www.ompersonal.com.ar/omcafe/contenidotematico.htm| ]]
OM Cafe Nostalgia - Forever Music Hits
OM Broadway - Music from Musicals
OM Classics - Classic Movie Tunes
OM Beatles - John Lennon and crew

Songs that Help Teach Words Gr. K-2
[[http://www.bussongs.com/|Bus Songs ]]- lyrics and music for kids' favorites