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Lesson: Blogging/Photojournalism
Rotation: #23
Date: April 12-19

The fifth grade students will have their paragraph completed and ready to upload to their blog. This will be copied and pasted from Word to their blog. Please make sure that you open your blog in Firefox so that it will copy properly!
Find the URL for your image and paste it in your blog as well. Be sure to give credit to the photographer and paste the URL under the photograph so that it will link back to the original source.

If you are NOT done your rough draft, please work silently on that. Have a friend edit your work. This will be graded by your classroom teacher and added as part of your writing grade.
When you post to your blog, do NOT publish it! Please save it as a draft so that it can be approved by a teacher.
Lesson: Writing About Pictures
Date: April 2-11, 2012

The students will look through stacks of National Geographic and Time magazines and flag images that they find interesting. They will meet with a partner and discuss ONE image each. Describe what they found captivating about the image, read the caption and tell the story of the image. The students will spend 10 minutes sharing this information with one another.
When finished, they will open a Word Document and beging to write about their image. The emotions that it portrays, what the photographer must have felt and why they chose to capture that image.

Every now and then, looking at the Photojournalism entries, we come across a gem worthy of Nation Geographic Society. However it can get very disappointing when there is nothing relative in the Photographers notes. No information except for things like "this person in this place" Thats just not enough information. Captions are an important part of photojournalism. They report what may be ambiguous in the photograph.

A picture submitted to Photojournalism of a Boy drinking from a river doesn't tell why the boy is drinking from a river or from what river he is drinking from. From a Journalistic perspective, these details are very important.
With well done captions someone will be able to pull your photo in 50 or even a hundred years and allow that person to know everything there is to know about what is going in the photograph. Captions should contain what is commonly labeled "The Five W's"

Photojournalism is a documentation. We need to know who is in the photo, be it a alias or their real name. When there are 5 or more people in a photo, listing everyones name is not a necessity. You can go with a broad label, such asStudents of College/University or Anti-war protesters Even if there are no people in the photo what ever the important subject is should be listed.

The activity going on in the photo should also be written down, as it may not always be obvious what is going on, or what said activity is called.

Where The location: it's not always clear where the subject is, this blurb should verydetailed. Even to the point of redundancy. Examples: the University of California Los Angeles(UCLA), located in Los Angeles, California. --or--Starbucks Coffee Located on the corner of Washington and Overland Ave, in Culver City California, a sub-city of Los Angeles.

Simply the date, different publications require different formats it's good practice to try and include the day of the week but its not critical.
If it is a holiday the holiday can be added: New Year's Eve. Sunday, December 31, 2006.

Basically why someone is doing what they are doing. This can also include some background information on whats being covered a little extra details, this is usually included in whats published below a photo in a magazine or newspaper.

The caption as a whole need not be a linguistic treasure. Just the facts.
Fire Fighters of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Fighting a blaze in a warehouse located near the intersection of Lincoln and Washington in Venice a sub-city of Los Angeles, California, on October 6, 2005. Streets in the surrounding neighborhood became flooded from all the excess water.

Every publication in a new industry requires photographs with such detailed captions. Photojournalism is about making a record.
Please complete the draft of your paragraph that will be posted on the wiki. This should be done in a MS Word file and either emailed to yourself or to my email address.

You must also have the image that you are writing about and properly cite it. This will be added to your blog with your post. If you can't find the image, please let me know and we'll scan the image from the magazine.

All of this must be ready by next tech lab class.
Lesson: Photojournalism and Interpretation of Media Images
Rotation: #21
Date: March 23-30, 2012

Students in 5th Grade will be starting their Journalism unit in writing. I will be introducing Photojournalism to them and interpretation of Media. We will discuss WHAT photojournalism is and look at many images from Cassie Dull's PPT. After discussions and predictions, captions will be read to tell the real story of the image.
Blog: Cassie Dull
Power Point Presentation by Cassie Dull

The Wall Street Journal -Photo Journal

Lesson: Tour My School
Rotations: 14, 15, 16, 17
Date: Jan10- Feb 14th, 2012

The students will continue to work in their teams on the Tour My School Project. All of the images should be completed by now. The students will work on adding subtitles, narration, transitions and special effects if necessary.

List of Important Items:

[[file:Your Rubric: Multimedia Project : Tour My School.webarchive]]

Lesson: ELF YOURSELF/Survey and Tour My School!
Rotation: 13
Date: December 14-Jan 9, 2012
It's that time of year again...Elf Yourself is BACK!!!!
Students will navigate to the website and use their webcam to take a snapshot of their face. They will insert it into the software and choose their music. Please email this to your parents...if you have a personal email, you can use that, otherwise, use mine!
How Fun!!!
Here's the one that Ms. Kara and I made of ourselves!!!
Please complete the survey before doing ELF YOURSELF!
Click here to take survey

Lesson: Tour My School
Date: November 28- December 5, 2011

Class 2: You will do this on rotation 11!!!
  • Today, the students will assign 2 group members to take photos of the significant places at Trinity School that they would like included in their video. There are two digital cameras, so only two groups may go at once...(4 students).
  • The remaining members of the group will continue to work on the powerpoint (for storyboarding) and add the images/narration (in the notes section).
    All images will be saved in the folder for your group and renamed appropriately.
Go to
to see how Ms Kristin works with the 6th grade about their physical tour with the students.
Lesson: World Languages Research
Rotation: 9 and 10
Date: November 2-25, 2011
  • Today you will begin some of your research for your WL Report. Please make a folder in YOUR folder and label it WL.
  • You can create a folder by opening your folder and going to the "wheel" at the top with the arrow. Drop down the menu and select create new folder. It will create an untitled folder in your folder, please rename it WL.
  • All of the information that you find for your report can be housed in that location.
  • My suggestion is that you create a MS Word document to copy/paste all of the URL's and dates so that you can complete your bibliography much easier.
  • Please make sure that you have your CRAFT Project workbook with you for these classes.
  • Please record your information on page 7 of your CRAFT notebook!
USE FIREFOX as your browser for this! Safari and Word doesn't work well with one another!

Go to the Trinity Website>Virtual Trinity>Website Resources>Subscription Sites

You will need to LOG ON to the site to gain access to this page with your grade5 username and password (the way you log on to the computer)!

Where do I go to find information?
Grolier Encyclopedia (trinityatl/student)
NetTrekker (trinityatl/learn)
World Book (trinityatl/student)
EbscoHost (trinityatl/student)
Encyclopedia Britannica (trinityatl/student)
Country Reports (trinityschool/trinity)

I HIGHLY suggest that you make use of Trinity's Subscription accounts before you go online to other resources to gather information. These sites are accurate and reliable. You should be able to find everything you need here!
Lesson: Tour My School-Multimedia Project/Workshop
Rotation: 8
Date: October 21-28, 2011

5th grade students will work and collaborate throughout the next few weeks to create a multimedia presentation called Tour My School. The resulting multimedia presentation might be used as part of an orientation process to introduce new or prospective students to the school.This will be a student directed activity in which they will see an example of a final project, and use a rubric to work through the activity.
  • groups of 4-5 students
  • establish roles
  • brainstorm
  • power point storyboarding
  • ditgital cameras/iPhoto
  • iMovie
This project will be self-paced and will probably take 4-5 classes to complete.

Class 1
  • table groups
  • 5 minutes to brainstorm
  • begin storyboard ppt
Class 2: You will do this on rotation 11!!!
  • Today, the students will assign 2 group members to take photos of the significant places at Trinity School that they would like included in their video. There are two digital cameras, so only two groups may go at once...(4 students).
  • The remaining members of the group will continue to work on the powerpoint (for storyboarding) and add the images/narration (in the notes section).
    All images will be saved in the folder for your group and renamed appropriately.
Example Project from Atomic Learning: (basic)

[[file:Your Rubric: Multimedia Project : Tour My School.webarchive]]

Assessment Items to see:
  • image folder
  • power point story board
  • iMovie presentation
Lesson: Sumerians
Rotation: 7
Date: October 12-20, 2011

  • 5th Grade Students will watch the brainpop video about the Sumerians and complete the 3 activites related to the video.
  • When complete, they may print.
BrainPop Video- Sumerians

Lesson: Effective Searching Techniques
Rotation: 6
Date: October 3-11, 2011
  • TSW learn effective search techniques for searching online.
  • We will discuss browsers/search engines/hits/authenticity and narrowing down our search with key words
5th Grade Blogs
Lesson: Learning about Public Service Announcements and Internet Safety
Rotation: 4
Date: September 15-22, 2011
  • Students in 5th grade will begin their research on PSA's and internet safety issues. The outcome of the unit is for the students to teach a lesson or concept of internet safety.
  • The topics are Cyberbullying, Digital Footprints, Gaming, Blogging, IM and Email Netiquette, Webcams and

What is a PSA?
Public service announcements, or PSA's, are short messages produced on film, video, or audiocassette and given to radio and television stations. Generally, PSA's are sent as ready-to-air audio or video tapes, although radio stations (especially community or public stations, such as campus radio or National Public Radio affiliates) sometimes prefer a script that their announcers can read live on the air. They can be done very simply with a single actor reading or performing a message, or they can be elaborate, slickly-produced productions with music, dramatic storylines, and sound or visual effects.

Lesson: Exploring iMovie
Rotation: 3
Date: September 7-14, 2011
  • in preparation for our internet safety unit, the students will begin to explore iMovie.
  • upload images, add transitions, music/sound effects, select a theme.

Lesson: A Little Bit About Me
Rotation: 2
Date: August 25-September 6, 2011

Lesson: Welcome to Technology
Rotation: 1
Date: August 17-24, 2011
  • Introductions
  • Usernames, passwords, server setup, folder setup