If you regularly surf the web, bookmark your favourite pages, sites, or blog posts, and use more than one computer, is a social bookmarking site that may save you a lot of time. If you don’t already use, I’d encourage you to check it out. I’ve become a heavy user of in the last few months.
Here is a short primer on what it’s all about, courtesty of Common Craft. (They’ve done a number of similarly styled videos on social media topics.)

Getting Started:
  • Go here and sign up – it’s free!
  • Follow the directions and install the”Tag’ and ‘Delicious” icons on your toolbar – these are weblinks you add to the toolbar of you Web browser
  • Over the next few weeks, whenever you find a web site or read a blog post you know you want to visit or refer to again, clikc the “Tag” icon on your web browser. will automatically open a window which enables you to write some short notes about the page (to trigger your memory later), as well as “tag” it wil one or more keywords.
  • Later, you can review a list of all your bookmarked sites and blog posts for a particular tag.
…even if you just use it for this, it’ll be a useful tool, especially because you can access your bookmarks from any computer
However, there’s more.
Branching Out and Connecting with Others:
  1. Because this is a social bookmarking site, it means you can see what other people have tagged as well. For example, if you’re interested in blogging, tennis or digital photography, you can search any of those tags, and see what others have bookmarked as their favourites for those particular topics.
  2. Colleagues or members of a project team could all agree to bookmark sites using a specific tag that makes sense to them. Then when any member of the team finds a useful resource, they can tag it and you’ll all be able to see it. That avoids having to send out an email to everyone with the link.
  3. You can set up subscriptions for specific tags and track what others save using that tag. This enables you to stay pretty current on a particular topic. You can view my subscriptions here.
  4. You can add other people with similar interest to your network (and they can add you) and you’ll be able to easily see what they save. You have to know what their name is on before you can add them, but it’s not that hard to find out, once you start watching for tags on a particular topic. Or better yet, you can ask them. I’ve found out about some great articles that way.
  5. It’s a great site to just SURF – it’s interesting and easy to see how many other people have saved a particular item.
  6. While the contents of your page can generally be viewed by anyone, you have the option to mark something as private if you don’t want anyone else to see it.
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