I researched Benjamin Franklin. I chose to put my information on a prezi



Have you noticed that on every dollar bill, the face of a president is located in the center. Benjamin Franklin just so happens to have his face on the 100 dollar bill even though he wasn't elected president.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most famous inventors ever! One of his most famous inventions was:

The Lightning Rod-The Lightning Rod is a protecter that you put on the top of buildings to protect them from catching on fire because of getting struck by lightning. Did you know that the really tall building in Downtown Atlanta was struck by lightning but thanks to Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod, it was not harmed.Some of his other inventions were the Franklin stove, and Bifocal glasses.He lived in France for a long time to try and get alliance in the Revolutionary War.He was also the only person to sign all four documents the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Peace treaty with England, and the alliance of France.He also organized the first fire department.