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Rotation #26 and #27-Exploring Flip Video Cameras

Rotation #25- Mythology Presentations
The students will gather in their city-state groups and present their myth to the rest of the class.

Rotation #22, #23 and #24-Greek Mythology
As part of the 5th grade Ancient Greece unit, students will be exploring Greek Mythology in Tech Lab.
Each city-state group will be given 3 myths to read and become masters of. The students will come up with 3 different ways to present their myths using the technology tools that we've learned throughout the years.
Some of the work will be done at home or in base classrooms in order to complete the project in a timely manner. Each Myth will need an illustration and a summary.
It's up to you to be creative in your presentations. Remember, you're the expert and will be retelling the information to the rest of your classmates.
Technology Tools Available
Prezi- you can log in as me! See me if you forget...
WebspirationFree Account
PhotoStoryFree Download for PC

Each city-state group will be able to accumulate points depending on how well you work as a collaborative group. All points will be transferred to the base classroom.
Ancient Greece
Greek Myths

Family Tree of the Greek Gods

Halicarnassus, Thebes, Mycenae
Chariot of the Sun God
The Weaving contest
The Kidnapping
Delphi, Olympia, Megara
The Four Tasks
The Golden Touch
The Mysterious Visitors
Sikyon, Pylos, Sparta
The Face in the Pool
Journey to the Underworld
The Golden Apples
Feb 22-March 24 Rotation #19, #20 and #21PREZI- Ancient China
Students in 5th grade will log on to PREZI- a web 2.0 presentation tool. The students will view the demo video and watch as Mrs. Harris gives her Prezi on Canada. The students will be placed in groups to gather research about ancient China from the website listed in the learning links. They will chose one subject from each of the 3 columns to post to their prezi with content and images.
Here is the prezi created by Mrs. Harris...
Students will log on to prezi using the account information given by Mrs. Harris. If interested, they may sign up for an account at home with the permission from their parents so that they can practice using this tool.
Feb 11-Feb 19 Rotation #18- Excel- Decimals on a Grid
1. Discuss what fraction of the whole is shaded and how that fraction can be represented by a decimal.
2. In the first part of this lesson, students describe that shaded area on the template in decimals. They place their answer to the left of each grid. This visual representation helps clarify the difference between 0.01 and 0.1.
3. In the second part of this lesson, students shade the correct number of cells to illustrate the given decimal. They highlight a cell or cells and change the color using the Fill Color button on the Formatting toolbar. Holding down the Ctrl key enables a student to shade a shole row and part of a row at the same time.
4. When the students are done with the exercise, they can save and print their work.
Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • connect visual representation on a grid and the abstract concept of decimals
  • Compare and discriminate between decimal numbers, arrange them in order
Spreadsheet Skills Practiced
  • Enter numbers
  • Fill cells with color
To copy this file:
Rt click, save target as, save in your folder and add your enitials behind the file name.

When you are done:
open the link and follow the directions on the page. Save your work in your folder.
Feb 3-Feb 10 Rotation #17-Excel- Finding Prime Numbers
Students enter the numbers 1 through 100 on the grid, using formulas to enter numbers, and using Fill Right and Fill Down to generalize those formulas. They underline the prime numbers and black out all the composite numbers, leaving only prime numbers. This exercise reinforces students' understanding of prime numbers through the use of Excel.
Higher Order Thinking Skills* Formulate a way for the computer to count to 100
  • Analyze what defines a prime number
  • Compare the distinguish between primes and composites
Spreadsheet Skills Practiced
  • Create and enter formulas
  • Extend formulas using Fill Right and Fill Down
  • Show formulas or data
  • Fill cells with color
  • Underline text
When you are done:

Student Directions:
Select cell A1 and type 1
Select cell B1 and type =A1+1 press enter. You should see a number 2
Select cell B1 and drag the corner of the cell across to J1
You should see the numbers 1 through 10 across the first row.
Select cell A2 and type =A1+10 then press enter. You should see a number 10.
Select cell A2 and drag the corner of the cell across to J2. You should see the numbers 11 through 20. While that row is selected, grab the corner of the cell that has 20 in it and pull it down until it reaches 100.

Re-size the chart by double clicking on the line between the columns at the top. Highlight your chart and change the size to 26. Underline all of the prime numbers and fill in the composite numbers with the paint can.
January 15-25 Rotations #15 and #16-Typing Pal Online
All students in 5th grade must not move on to the next apple until they check their log in the results tab. Fifth graders must be typing at 20wpm or higher and have fewer than 10 mistakes to move on to the next activity.

Please remember to spend at least 5-10 minutes per evening practicing your activities!
January 7-14 Rotation #14-Email and Netiquette Continued
The students will discuss email and netiquette while using the computer. The students will get in groups and create a ppt slide with one netiquette rule taken from any of the learning links in the column. The slide will be brief and to the point with a short description and image that represents the text. All slides will be saved and combined to create one ppt presentation.

Here's a sample of Burris and Parrish's class presentation.
Dec 14-Jan 6 Rotation #13- Email and Netiquette

1. The students will need to go to the following URL to login:]
2. They will enter their username and password as assigned to them
3. The first time they login they will see a
Setup your account for Trinity School page. They will need to enter the verification code that appears in the middle of the page and then press I accept. Create my account. at the bottom of the page.
a. There may be a few students who will not see this page as I used their logins to check on things during the setup of accounts.
4. Once they are logged in, they will be brought to a screen that lists all of the Google Applications they have access to. To get to the Email app, they will click Email at the bottom of the list.
5. Once the gmail app loads… it’s just like regular gmail email.
6. Remember to have them sign-out of gApps before closing their web browser.

Dec 4-Dec 11 Rotation #12- Dance Mat Typing Practice
The Students will click on the Learning Links and complete Dance Mat Typing Level 1 and 2. Please be sure to pay careful attention to the instructions and ensure that you are using correct fingering when completing the activities.

Try not to look at your keyboard!!! I'll be checking!
Dance Mat Typing Level 1
Dance Mat Typing Level 2
When you are done:
* Super Hyper Spider Typer

Rotation #11- Virtual Field Trip-Egypt
Continue with the assignment below. Most of this activity will be finished up during this rotation.

Nov 10-Nov 19 Rotation #10- Virtual Field Trip- Egypt
TSW click on Virtual Egypt Field Trip and work with a partner through the links, questions and activities. They can copy and past the questions from the webiste into a WORD document so that they can record their answers.
They are to use background knowledge to the best of their ability if they come across a questions that they have difficulty with the answer.
Virtual Egypt Field Trip
Oct 30-Nov 9 Rotation #9-Keyboarding Assessment- Mid Year

  1. Fill in a blank keyboard chart
  2. Download and save AverageSpeedWorksheet.xls. To do this right-click on the link and select Save Target As and add your name to the front of the file name (e.g. BillyAverageSpeedWorksheet) before you save. Open this spreadsheet and type your name where indicated.
  3. Take the following timed typing tests and record your speed on the spreadsheet for each timed test. You may repeat each test twice and use the highest calculated or net speed that you get:
  4. Save your spreadsheet and exit out of Excel.
  5. Play any of the following typing games for the remainder of the class:
When you are done: here are some fun activities!
**Carve Pumpkin**
**Halloween Puzzles**
Oct 22-29 Rotation #8-Power Point Presentation and Research

PowerPoint Project: Compare and Contrast the Leadership of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III

For this project, you will take information from the text, online sources, and trade books (from the cart) and create a PowerPoint presentation that will show similarities and differences between the main rulers introduced in chapter 7, lesson 3 of your text. You will have one period in the classroom to prepare, during which you will research the rulers, and two sessions in the tech lab to further research and create the presentation. The presentation will consist of 7 slides:

  • Slide 1: title page that introduces the topic
  • Slide 2: positive aspects of Hatshepsut – what did she do as a leader that benefited Egypt?
  • Slide 3: areas where Hatshepsut might have been lacking as a leader – what could she have done better?
  • Slide 4: positive aspects of Thutmose III – what did he do as a leader that benefited Egypt?
  • Slide 5: areas where Thutmose III might have been lacking as a leader – what could he have done better?
  • Slide 6: a Venn diagram that shows the similarities and differences between the two
  • Slide 7: source listing – create a bibliography of your sources, including the textbook

Your presentation will be graded on the following criteria: content, creativity, craftsmanship, and cooperation. You and your partner(s) will need to put equal effort into the project – no free rides!

When you are done: here are some fun activities!
**Carve Pumpkin**
**Halloween Puzzles**
Oct 14-Oct 21 Rotation #7-Typing Pal Online

The students will spend time in the lab today working through Typing Pal Online. They are to complete Step 1 and 2 of the apples and Step 1 of useful words. When they are done, they may go to Move On and play the games.
Typing Pal Online****

Usernames and passwords have been given out and are located in the student's binders.
Oct 5-Oct 13 Rotation #6-Continuing Microsoft Paint Lesson and
Typing Pal Online

  • TSW complete the activity from rotation #5, save and print.
  • When this is complete TSW work independently on Typing Pal Online and complete the Initial Test, Step 1 and as much of Step 2 as possible.
  • All students have been given a username and password.
Typing Pal Online

When You are Done:
  • ABCya Keyboard Game - cover your keyboard with a piece of paper and see how many clicks it takes to complete the challenge!
Sept 24-Oct 5 Rotation #5: Microsoft Paint and Research

Open PAINT by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint

Use Paint to draw a self-portrait. Before you start, set your Image Attributes to 6 inches in height & width.Click on Image, Attributes, Select Inches and put 6 in both boxes.To add your image to the MS Word document, you must copy the image and paste it into the word document after your research facts.
  • Research facts about you using the All About Me Research
Sites and fill in your information sheet. You must include:
  • The meaning of your name
  • How many of you there are in the United States
  • Someone famous who shares your birthday
  • How old you are (in days or seconds)
  • Your zodiac sign and which Chinese year you were born in. inaname.jpg

Once you have filled out your information sheet using the research sites, create a document in Word formatted as shown above and save it as
Your Name.

When You Are Done:

All About Me Research Sites:

Sept 16-Sept 23 Rotation #4: Internet Safety Activities
TSW work collaboratively in groups of 3-4 to match the internet safety words that are supplied in ziploc bags. They are to match the vocabulary word with the definition
TSW complete the activity called Who's Your Friend on the Internet.
When this has been done, TSW go to their computers and watch two videos
Tracking Teresa and Angela's Experience. If there is time remaining, TSW complete their choice of activities in the learning links in the next column.

//Typing Pal Online//- Complete the Initial Test and Step 1
The school's Institution Code is trinitys

Who's Your Friend on the Internet?

Online Activities/Vignettes


Offline Activities


Sept 8-Sept 15 Rotation #3: Internet Safety Presentation (3-6) Presentation
The goal of the NetSmartz Workshop is to extend the safety awareness of children to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. These goals include how to:
  • enhance the ability of children to recognize dangers on the Internet
  • enhance the ability of children to understand that people they first "meet" on the Internet should never be considered their friend
  • encourage children to report victimization to a trusted adult
  • support and enhance community education efforts
  • increase communication between adults and children about online safety
The NetSmartz Workshop teaches children three basic rules for online safety.

  • I will tell an adult I trust if anything makes me feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  • I will ask my parents or guardian before sharing my personal information.
  • I won't meet in person with anyone I have first "met" online.

TTW (The Teacher Will)
Present the NetSmartz Presentation using the previously requested information. This takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
The children will gather on the rug and watch as the teacher interacts with the DVD.

Follow-up Activities are on the next rotation.
August 26-Sept 4 Rotation #2: Exploring Google Earth

      • log on
  • TSW open Google Earth and create a folder under "MY PLACES"
  • they will label the folder by their first name.
  • The students will all start at our school address, tag it, add the school's website and press save. TSW then continue to their home address and follow the same steps to save it in their folder under my places.
  • They will be labeling several items within their SS unit and updating their map as we move throught the unit.
  • Save
  • Log off**
Google Earth Download
Rotation #1: Welcome to the computer lab- August 18-25
  • review rules and expectations
  • learn how to log on and off using our new username and password
  • learn how to access our folder on the network and rename it
  • ensure that the printer and wireless connection is working for each username
  • watch the PPT all about Mrs. Harris