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Rotation #22, #23, #24, #25- Typing Pal Online
Students in 2nd grade will have exposure to Typing Pal from now until the end of the year. They will learn the foundations of fingering and the keyboard. Those students who would like to practice at home throughout the summer will have an opportunity to access the website.
March 17-March 24 Rotation #21- Learning your username and password
All students in 2nd grade will learn their username and password for Typing Pal Online. This will remain with them throughout their time until 6th grade. It will be used to log in to other secure sites.
Username: first 3 letters of first name, first 2 letters of last name and 1314
Password: crayola crayon colors
How do we make a password secure? The students will discover that by adding numbers to their password, it makes it harder for others to figure it out. There are numbers that represent letters and are replaced to create a cryptic word that only the user can identify.
1. explain how the usernames and passwords were created
2. discuss the importance to keeping this information confidential
3. practice making words with numbers replacing letters
4. distribute username and passwords. The children will copy it on an index card along with the "real" word that their password represents and leave it in the tech lab.
Sally Jones
Username: saljo1314
Password: 1nd1g0 (indigo)

March 2-March 16 Rotation #20-Keyboarding Introduction-Home Row

2nd Grade students will be starting their unit on Keyboarding this week. We will learn about home row and finger positioning.

Feb 11-March 1 Rotation #18 and #19- If My Heart Had...PPT Presentation
The students will create a ppt presentation with 6 slides. Each slide will represent one of the 5 senses.
  1. If my heart had eyes, it would see...
  2. If my heart had ears, it would hear...
  3. If my heart had a tongue, it would taste...
  4. If my heart had hands, it would feel...
  5. If my heart had a nose, it would smell...
The students will write the sentence on each slide and complete it with something that is meaningful to them. They will represent their sentence with 2 clipart images on each slide.
Here is an example that Mrs. Harris made.

Next lesson, the students will learn how to change the background color and view it in a slide show.
Feb 3-Feb 11 Rotation #17- Copy/Paste images and site sources
The students will learn how to locate images from approved sites
  • nettrekker
  • encyclopedia britannica
  • grolier
They will use the media resources/subscription websites on the Trinity website to copy and paste them into ppt. They students will also learn how to copy and paste the url of where the image is located online. They will re-size and paste it underneath the image.
See example in the learning links.

January 26-Feb 2 Rotation #16- Grassland Animals Research

The students will use internet resources to research their grassland animal.

Grassland Animals
Natural History Notebooks
National Geographic Kids
Enchanted Learning-Grassland Animals
The Animals Are:
African Elephant
Brown Hyena

Prairie Dog
January 15-25 Rotations #15- Grassland Research
The students will gather in groups of 2 and complete the grassland research information. They will go to the Learning Links and click on grassland facts to respond to the questions. This will enable the students to have enough background knowledge before starting their animal research.

The students will click on Grassland Facts to complete the research with a partner.

Here is a ppt created from the questions as a culminating activity for the students!
Research Grasslands Here:
Grassland Facts

Grassland Game:
Build a Prairie

Grassland Animals:
On the Prairie
Grassland Animals
Earth Floor- Deserts
Earth Floor- Tropical Savannah
The Nature Conservancy
January 7-14 Rotation #14-Penguin Math Book
Students will use PowerPoint to create a Mini Math Book with a Penguin Theme. This activity will take take more than one 25-30 minute class period to complete and print.
To create the mini books, print the presentation as handouts with 6 slides per page. The students or teacher can then trim the pages and staple them together to make a book.
To model this activity for students, download the template and modify it slightly to show students how to use PowerPoint to create their Penguin Math Book. This will show them what they need to do but not give them the answers to the math problems in the Penguin Math Book.

Dec 4-Jan 6 Rotation #12 and #13 Gingerbread House Coordinate Graphing Continue

Students will use a template to create a Gingerbread House in Excel. Students will also add clip art of a gingerbread man.
external image gingerbreadhousetemplatenew.xlt
external image pdf.png gingerbreadhousekey.pdf
external image pdf.png StudentWorksheet.pdf
external image gbhouseexample.xls

Winter Wonderland Wiki
Rotation #11- Winter Wonderland Wiki- Gingerbread Coordinates in Excel
Students will use a template to create a Gingerbread House in Excel. Students will also add clip art of a gingerbread man.
There will be a file located in each student's folder for them to open and get started on the activity. Each student will be given a Student worksheet and the teacher will demonstrate how to FILL each sector in with the appropriate color by using the fill bucket. They may insert clipart of gingerbread men and candy to decorate their work.
external image gingerbreadhousetemplatenew.xlt
external image pdf.png gingerbreadhousekey.pdf
external image pdf.png StudentWorksheet.pdf
external image gbhouseexample.xls

Nov 10-Nov 19 Rotation #10- Neighborhood Map Machine
TSW complete the saved activity in their folder while following the directions in the notes page. The students will complete the activity and follow the coordinates to finish their map. The students should put their name on it and print.
Neighborhood Map Machine purchase information

Oct 30-Nov 9 Rotation #9- Neighborhood Map Machine
TSW be exposed to creating maps of real or imaginary places. They draw roads and add buildings, landmarks, lakes, parks, trees, people and other objects. TTW spend 10 minutes reviewing the components of the software and the students will spend the remaining time creating their unique and individualized maps.

Oct 22-Oct 29 Rotation #8- Kidspiration (Pumpkin Web)
TSW open the template that's saved in their folder and complete the brainstorming about Halloween. The students will come up with words or ideas that describe Halloween for them. It is encouraged that they find at least one word that's a verb, adjective and noun to add to their Kidspiration.
Kidspiration File Template

When you are done: here are some fun activities!
**Carve Pumpkin**
**Halloween Puzzles**
Oct 14-Oct 21 Rotation #7- Kidspiration (My Dreams)

TSW learn how to navigate through the Kidspiration software and create a thought bubble. The title will be called My Dreams, and they are to add 5 pictures with a sentence that describes something that they'd like to to or accomplish.
This is a Kidspiration file that can only be opened if you have the software loaded on your computer. Here is an example of one that I've completed.

Oct 5-Oct 13 Rotation #6- Continuing to Edit in Microsoft Word

TSW complete their RAINBOW editing from last rotation. It must be completed and saved in their folder.
TSW click on the file called More Editing in the Learning Links column and select SAVE. They will save it to their folder just as they did for the last activity and open it from that location. When it is complete, they will save it and print it to take home.
When you are done:
Sept 24-Oct 5 Rotation #5: Editing in Microsoft Word
Goals: Children will use a word processor to alter text size, color and font.
Objectives: Children will learn that text size, style and color can be altered when using word processing software.
1. TSW click the file called rainbow that's located in the learning links column. The children will chose SAVE and save it to their folder. They will then open it from their folder and begin editing.
2. Show the children how to alter the text color, font and size by highlighting and selecting the specific tool.
3. Ask each child to choose the colors of the rainbow for each letter. Each letter should also be a different font style.
4. After they have changed color, font style and size to 72, they will center their work. If there is time remaining, they may type their name and be creative with the tools that we've learned.
5. TSW save their work in their folder and name it rainbow

Click on this file and chose SAVE, save it to your folder and then open it from that location.

When you are done:
Sept 16-Sept 23 Rotation #4: Internet Safety Activities
Students watch the "Know the Rules" rap video. They discuss checking first with a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything, getting into a car, or leaving with anyone.
Know the Rules Video

Online Activities

Webville Outlaws
Webville Outlaws

Online Games

Sept 8-Sept 15 Rotation #3: Internet Safety Presentation (K-2) Presentation
The goal of the NetSmartz Workshop is to extend the safety awareness of children to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. These goals include how to:
  • enhance the ability of children to recognize dangers on the Internet
  • enhance the ability of children to understand that people they first "meet" on the Internet should never be considered their friend
  • encourage children to report victimization to a trusted adult
  • support and enhance community education efforts
  • increase communication between adults and children about online safety
The NetSmartz Workshop teaches children three basic rules for online safety.
  • I will tell an adult I trust if anything makes me feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  • I will ask my parents or guardian before sharing my personal information.
  • I won't meet in person with anyone I have first "met" online.

TTW (The Teacher Will)
Present the NetSmartz Presentation using the previously requested information. This takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
The children will gather on the rug and watch as the teacher interacts with the DVD.

Follow-up Activities are on the next rotation.
August 26-Sept 4 Rotation #2:
Kidpix Self Portrait
  • Log on
  • Introduce Kidpix. TSW create a self portrait using the paint tools in the program. They will add a text box and thier name at the top of the illustration.
  • Save to their folder on Students on Zoe, name it SELF PORTRAIT. The students may print their work.
  • Log off
If you're looking for a program similar to Kidpix. TuxPaint is a free download that uses the same tools as kidpix.
You can also purchase Kidpix Deluxe 4 online at
Rotation #1: Welcome to the computer lab.
  • review rules and expectations
  • learn how to log on and off using our new username and password
  • learn how to access our folder on the network and rename it
  • watch the PPT all about Mrs. Harris